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Welcome to the Crypto Crew! A community designed specifically for all those Crypto lovers. This is a Premium Crypto Crew telegram community, where we scout, analyse and execute on the most sought after Cryptocurrency gems. 

Analysis will be be lead by our top Cryptocurrency analyst who has been in the market since 2014, which means we have experience in both the bull & bear cycle of the Cryptocurrency market.


We wanted to democratise the ability to access premium cryptocurrency data no matter your age, background or financial circumstances. The Cryptocurrency space is still relatively small with the market cap being just over 2 trillion dollars so we expect this to grow rapidly over the coming months & years!


  • Monthly Subscription - pay easily every month with our automated system and cancel anytime!

  • Unlimited Technical Analysis - technical analysis is key when looking for entries and exits in the crypto market. Our team provides in-depth analysis to help you understand what's going on in an efficient manner.

  • Unlimited Fundamental Data & Analysis - world economic news and crypto macro data are vital when it comes to this market so our team ensures that you are are up to date with this.

  • Exclusive access to Crypto Gems - you will be able to get first hand info about the most under the radar crypto gems!

  • "Fact Based, Data Driven research" - expect thoroughly research information for you to use in the market.